This Old House


For home improvements and renovations on houses of a certain age, no publication can beat this Old House magazine series.

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This Old HouseBased on the same themes and philosophy as the PBS series, this publication takes you through every step of renovating older homes.

From replacing damaged flooring in Colonial saltboxes to upgrading 50-year-old split-level family homes for a fresh and modern look.

Like the craftsman magazines from the early twentieth century, This Old House magazine focuses on making your home, landscaping, d├ęcor, and furnishings blend into a harmonious whole.

You will find columns detailing how to repurpose beautiful old trim or how to choose the perfect stove for your lifestyle.

Homes in the process of renovation are used as demonstration projects for your own home.

This Old House magazine is best for the do-it-yourselfer looking for the least expensive ways to create quality and beauty.

Every issue gives you dozens of ideas for upgrading your home on the cheap.

Carefully photographed step-by-step articles help you go through what seem to be complex projects easily, even if you have never done the process before.

Tips on the best ways to do renovation tasks keep you from making mistakes.

When you really need an expert to get the job done, This Old House tells you how to find great contractors.

If you have an older home you are planning on remodeling, This Old House magazine is an invaluable resource.