Solo – A Star Wars Story Kindle Edition


Thrilling adaptation relating Han Solo’s time in the Imperial Navy in this prequel to the first Star Wars movie – The New Hope.


Though Han Solo has thrilled Star Wars fans for decades, the notorious wisecracking scoundrel was chasing adventure and dodging trouble long before he walked into the cantina at Mos Eisley spaceport.

Young Han dreams of someday soaring into space at the helm of his own starship and leaving his home, the gritty industrial planet Corellia, far behind.

But as long as he is trapped in a life of poverty, crime and under the thumb of the sinister Lady Proxima and her brutal street gang—reaching, the distant stars seems impossible.

When Han tries to escape with his girlfriend and partner-in-crime, Qi’ra, he makes it out but she does not.

Desperate for a way to find his own offworld vessel and free her, Han enlists in the Imperial Navy – the last place for a rebellious loner who does not play well with others.

When the Empire clips his wings, Han goes rogue and plunges into the shady world of smugglers, gamblers, and con artists.

There he meets the charming and cunning high roller Lando Calrissian, makes an unlikely friend in a cantankerous Wookiee called Chewbacca, and first lays eyes on the Millennium Falcon.

To snag his piece of the outlaw pie, Han joins a crew of pirates to pull off a risky heist.

The stakes are high, the danger is great, and the odds are slim.

But never tell Han Solo the odds.


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