Samsung WB35F 16.2MP Smart Wifi And NFC Digital Camera


Samsung”s state of the art NFC and Wi-Fi technology makes sharing images with friends and family easier and more enjoyable.


Samsung WB35F 16.2MP Smart WiFi And NFC Digital CameraThe brand new Tag And Go feature takes sharing to an entirely new level as it connects the WB35F camera with smartphones by just touching the two devices together.

With no manual set up required, an array of features are activated which make it simple to transfer, share and back up images.

This includes Photo Beam, which immediately transfers the image being viewed on the camera to a smartphone.

With Auto Share, images are instantaneously backed up as they are being shot, while Mobile Link allows users to select which images to transfer, so that shots can be organized easily.

Remote View Finder offers greater flexibility when setting up shots, as the camera can be controlled via a smartphone to act as a viewfinder, as well as providing access to a host of manual settings.


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