Proctor Silex Electric Kettle


Boil hot water for tea, soup or hot chocolate with the attractive, easy-to-use Proctor Silex 1 Quart Electric Kettle.


Faster than a microwave and safer than the stovetop, this functional kettle boils water in a snap.

Perfect for your dorm, the office or home, the Proctor Silex 1 Quart Electric Kettle is made with a detachable cord for easy pouring.

The 1000 Watt element heats water quickly and an automatic shutoff function turns off the kettle when the water comes to a boil.

It also comes with boil-dry protection for your peace of mind.

This feature turns off the kettle automatically if it is empty or when it runs out of water.

In addition, there are dual water windows and a lighted switch so you can easily tell if the kettle is on or off.

Oatmeal, soup mixes, instant coffee or teas are yours to enjoy within minutes.

Both durable and reliable, this kettle will prove its worth over and over again.

Proctor Silex.

Tested in our lab.

Proven in your home.


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