Portable Indoor Garment Rack Tools-Free DIY Coat Hanger Clothes Wardrobe


Designed to hang your clothes without the use of wardrobe cupboard and having them to dry much faster in the open.


Portable Indoor Garment Rack Tools-free DIY Coat Hanger Clothes WardrobeProduct Features:

1. Brand new patented ceiling to floor storage,

2. Innovative design using strong and well made materials,

3. Easy to assemble and easy to move by hand,

4. No screws or tools needed, Just do it yourself,

5. Fit any room or closet without scratches,

6. Extremely versatile and space conductive,

7. Creates easy access storage for your belongings,

8. No damage to your Walls & Ceilings,

9. Design your own wardrobe and enjoy the DIY process,

10. FREE reach hook as a gift.


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