Jura 13422 Impressa C9 One Touch Automatic Coffee-And-Espresso CenterSimply push a preprogrammed beverage button for 1 or 2 coffee, espressos, cappuccino, milk, or hot water.

The countertop appliance comes equipped with an insulated 14-ounce thermal stainless-steel milk container, which stays right next to the machine and keeps cold milk cold for up to eight hours.

The machine will steam and froth the milk; grind, tamp, and high-pressure brew coffee or espresso; then dispense automatically into the cup.

Its commercial-grade conical burr grinder offers 6 finest settings for any type of bean.

From light to dark roasts, while a separate funnel for pre-ground coffee allows for making no-hassle decaf or flavored coffee drinks.

The unit features an 18-bar power pump with a 1450-watt stainless-steel-lined ThermoBlock heating system.

And its 2-step pre-infusion cycle moistens and conditions ground coffee for maximum flavor extraction with perfect crema topping.


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