Greenworks Twin Force G-MAX 40V Cordless Lawn Mower


The Greenworks dual blade lawn Mower’s 40v, 4ah lithium ion battery gives it a runtime up to 60 minutes with more power for the toughest lawns.


Greenworks Twin Force G-MAX 40V Cordless Lawn MowerInnovative high-speed twin 10 inch blades let you finish your work faster with a 20 inch total cutting width and excellent mulching ability.

Single-lever 5-position height adjustment between 1 1/4 inch and 3 1/8 inch lets you choose the best cut for your yard.

This mower’s lightweight poly deck is extremely durable and easy to push through any yard, while the 10 inch rear and 7 inch front wheels allow maximum maneuverability.

Rear bag and mulch functions convert easily without tools.

Also available: li-ion 40v 4.0 ah battery, item 32911.

Automatic battery switchover pulls power from the second battery once the first is depleted to eliminate downtime.

This double-duty machine delivers great service.


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