Chronoswiss Mens Sirus Analog Display Automatic Self Wind Black Watch


Sirius – the classic Chronoswiss collection from the very beginnings of the brand, Chronoswiss was known for its elegant and classic mechanical timepieces.


Chronoswiss Mens Sirus Analog Display Automatic Self Wind Black WatchThe very first independent Chronoswiss model was the legendary regulator, the first wristwatch with a regulator-style dial design manufactured in series, which was launched in 1988.

This timeless, elegant and Radiant part of the collection was recently named Sirius, after the brightest star in the nightly sky, in order to differentiate itself from the sportive time master line.

Over the years, many other complications followed and the Sirius collection became increasingly expansive.

From 3-handed watches to date and big date displays, moon phases or chronographs to the highly complicated perpetual calendars or quarter repeaters – a whole cascade of new designs and functionalities flourished.

The first classic Chronoswiss timepiece boasted a fluted bezel and was particularly striking thanks to its distinctive onion-shaped crown. To this day, the prominent crown is a hallmark of the entire collection.

The characteristic casing, too, was only adapted slightly over the years – our designers moved the fluting to the side edge of the case.

The characteristics of Sirius Chronoswiss also demonstrates its more than 30 years of watchmaking expertise in its classic series.

You notice the trademark, succinct onion-shaped crown even at first glance.

Each sirius watch is water resistant to 3 bar. Another key feature of the sirius line is the famous sapphire crystal glass back.

The latter had been put in place by Chronoswiss founder Gred Rudiger Lang in order to draw attention to the mechanical movement when he developed the first models in the middle of the quartz-crisis.

Thus, its timepieces managed to inspire people with the spirit of mechanical watchmaking.

The dials, each in the characteristic Sirius design, reveal the brand’s attention to detail, which is the guiding principle of ceo Oliver ebstein.

Hence, the hands are always precisely the right Length to point to the respective scale.


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