Body-Solid Fusion Gym


The Body Solid Fusion 500 Gym is the reason to workout at home.


Body-Solid Fusion Gym

With over 60 exercises, including: chest press, incline press, decline press, lat pull-down, leg extension, bicep curl, tricep extension, mid row, cable row, shrugs, shoulder press and many more, this in-home gym makes every workout more fun than ever.

Simply because it will be at your own pace and on your own time.

Boasting pivoting, functional training arms, and adjustable press arm, and gas-assisted seats, this gym will have you ready to jump on the path the physical fitness.

Its small footprint won’t take up too much floor space, and its gray and black finish and modern aesthetic will nicely complement your existing decor.

Choose from either the 210- and 310-lb. weight stack to satisfy your workout needs.


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