Art Of Appreciation Healthy Gourmet Food Basket


Spoil someone with these flavorful snacks and gourmet treats that taste delicious and healthy.


Eat well but stay healthy with a selection of whole grain, low fat and heart healthy fare.

Your gift will send a delicious and thoughtful selection to someone who may be watching what they eat.

Each basket is hand crafted with attention to detail and tied with a bow for presentation.

To include a personalized gift message or to notify your recipient who purchased this thoughtful gift, you must select GIFT during checkout, allowing you to input your own personalized best wishes.


1. Pasta Mamas Whole Wheat Pasta,

2. Gourmet Tomato Basil Sauce Mix,

3. All Natural Organic Whole Grain Crackers,

4. Alaska Smokehouse

5. 7 oz. Smoked Salmon Filet,

6. Artisan Breadsticks,

7. D’Olivo Tuscany Green Olives and more


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