Entertaining Kids With Christmas Crafts

Entertaining Kids With Christmas Crafts

Everyone remembers how difficult it was as a kid to be patient during the weeks before Christmas.

There was just too much excitement about presents and candy and having fun with friends; well what was a kid to do?

Here are some quick and easy craft ideas to help you entertain your kids during the pre-Christmas season this year.

1. Christmas Cards

Instead of spending a lot of money buying commercial Christmas cards in the store, how about having your kids make Christmas cards to send out to family and friends?

Cards are easy to make and can be done using craft material you can find around your home or purchase inexpensively in a local craft store.

Here are some card ideas to get you started

A. Photo Christmas Cards

Use photos you already have or take some specifically for the cards.

These are great for grandparents, aunts and uncles because they love seeing updated pictures of the kids.

Use card stock or construction paper for the card and cut out a rectangle, square, or circle in the middle of the front of the card.

Lay a favorite photo of the kids on the inside over the cutout so that the photo shows through on the front of the card.

Decorate the card with holiday stickers and crayon drawings from the kids and you have a winning card that anyone would treasure.

Make sure you remember to place a poem or short holiday greeting on the inside of the card.

B. Treat Cards

Use cardstock or construction paper to make the card and then find some winter scenes from an old magazine.

Paste or glue the scenes on the front of the card.

On the inside of the card tape an envelope of hot chocolate drink mix, dry soup mix envelope or a tea bag to the inside of the card.

Write a warm greeting and place some XXX000 (Kisses and Hugs 🙂 and the child’s name.

2. Wreaths

Wreaths are special at Christmas time because they celebrate the circle of friendship.

Make this season special around your home by decorating the doors with special holiday wreaths.

A. Cereal Wreath

Take a white paper plate and have the kids paint with green non-toxic paint all around the outer edge of the plate if no edge have them paint like an inch or two in.

Once the plate is dry have them cut out the inner circle of the plate.

Have on hand colored cereal in different shapes. Glue the cereal pieces to the green part of the plate.

Now attach a big red bow to the bottom of the plate and you have a beautiful handmade cereal wreath to display on one of your doors.

B. Card Wreath

Take a large piece of cardboard and draw a circle.

Now cut out the circle and draw another circle in the middle so that you leave at least 6″ all around the outside of the circle.

This is your wreath.

Now go get all those old Christmas cards you have stashed away in the attic from last year, and the year before, and the year before that.

Have the kids go through this pile of old Christmas cards and pick out their favorites.

Line them up so they encircle the wreath side by side.

You can overlap the cards for a great affect.

Now glue the card backs to the wreath where you want them until the entire wreath is covered with Christmas cards.

Attach a holiday bow and you have a fantastic wreath for your home

3. Christmas Wish List Tablecloth

What better way to remember what your child wants for Christmas then to make a Christmas Wish List Tablecloth?

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