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Christmas As Major And Traditional Holiday

Christmas is an annual holiday when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus in churches while others go about exchanging gifts and celebrating friends’ parties. It is on December 25th. There have been plenty of Christmas traditions including dinner, exchange of cards, posing as Santa, putting up home decorations like Christmas tree and preparing recipes. Western […]


How Christmas Tree Came About?

Evergreens were chosen to decorate homes during winter well before Christmas became a holiday. They were also considered to keep witches, ghosts, evil spirits and illnesses from homes where they were displayed. Germany is credited using the traditional Christmas Tree celebration of decorating trees and bringing them into their homes. It is considered that Martin […]


Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

A fun family project during the holidays is to make your own Christmas tree ornaments. Here are some easy crafts that will soon have you making your very own ornaments. 1. Pinecone Ornaments What You Need: 1. Pine Cone 2. Paint 3. Beads, glitter or sequins, yarn and small buttons to decorate with 4. Ribbon […]


Learn How To Make A Christmas Decoration

Christmas decorating has become bigger and better throughout the years. Many avid Christmas decorators begin their seasonal planning weeks before the holidays arrive. If you are looking to expand your decoration collection, and you would like to add some early holiday spirit to your home, why not learn how to make a Christmas decoration? You […]


Entertaining Kids With Christmas Crafts

Everyone remembers how difficult it was as a kid to be patient during the weeks before Christmas. There was just too much excitement about presents and candy and having fun with friends; well what was a kid to do? Here are some quick and easy craft ideas to help you entertain your kids during the […]


Make Your Own Christmas Cards

If you are on a real tight budget this Christmas or just love to be crafty during the holidays here are some wonderful homemade Christmas card ideas for you to try this holiday season. Potato Stamp Cards Supplies you may need for your homemade Christmas Cards: Paper Bags or Craft Paper Potatoes or Sponges Paint […]


Craft Ideas For Old Christmas Cards

Don’t you just love Christmas cards? Most people love to display them during the holiday and then keep them in a storage box for future viewing. We have enjoyed making various crafts from these old Christmas cards and perhaps your family will love making these Christmas card crafts too. Christmas Card Wreath 1. You will […]